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Coding challenges by registering to the public coding events being conducted by KareerMatrix or Companies. Open code events are free to register and code for all.


Each and every challenge is the collection of problem which to be resolved by selecting the given list of languages in each problem in a given time duration. Better the code quality, better the chances of opportunities.


Submitted responses to the challenge will be reviewed by the Companies based on right code, code quality and code optimization techniques.

Developers Testimonial

  •    "Open Code has been very instrumental in helping me hone my skills and transition into a new career as a web/python developer. Being able to learn Python by taking Open Code challenges.    

    - Rahul Goma
    - Student

  •     My goal was to become employed by the end of 2015. Instead, I ended up with a job at the beginning of 2015. This was directly related to my work at Open Code..    

    - Piyush Gupta
    - Student

  •     I’m now receiving offers for internships. I have no experience in IT, but now good things are happening!    

    - Madhushree G
    - Student

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